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Dan DeFelippiI’ve been fascinated by technology and computers since my dad showed me his DEC VT180 terminal when I was 4. I started programming around the age of 10. In the mid 90’s I often worked on my website instead of doing homework. Experience I learned running a BBS helped me see the potential of the web. I dove in head first.

Performance optimization has become a passion of mine, especially client side performance. I enjoy introducing web performance to developers, designers, and business owners who haven’t realized the difference it can make in user experience. Razor Fast is a blog about maximizing your website’s performance. Performance leads to happy users and happy users put more money in your pocket.

I’m also passionate about small business/startup success. As the founder of a few web-based companies, some successful and some not, I’m always trying to learn the best way to grow and improve business. I love talking to successful entrepreneurs and learning about their successes and failures.

When I’m not merging JavaScript files or creating sprites I can be found working out, hiking, driving aggressively, or eating jelly beans.

Follow me on Twitter at ExpertDan.