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Sep 4 / Dan DeFelippi

Announcing My New Project, BidOnMyDay

A few weeks ago when JetBlue reopened sales of their BluePass, I decided I needed to find an interesting way to buy one and put it to good use. After racking my brain I came up with an idea: people bid to have me fly out and do some work. I toyed with a number of variations, minimum bids, job types, etc. I solicited feedback from family and friends, which ended up being extremely positive. The final product is BidOnMyDay.

BidOnMyDay is simple. Anyone can bid to have me fly to them and do nearly anything. While I’d like to focus on tech related work, I’m not restricting it. Cleaner, courier, driver, teacher, whatever. The goal is to travel, meet new people, and have some interesting experiences. I’m also doing a video and blog post about each job on the site. Oh, and bids start at $1.

There’s a lot of risk in this. I calculated my fixed and average variable costs at around $100 per day. Every winning bid under $100 is a short term loss for me. I’m hoping that by the end of the BluePass (November 22nd) bids average out above $100. I’m also hoping that by doing videos and blog posts about the jobs I can bring steady traffic to the site, offering alternative revenue stream opportunities.

So go check out BidOnMyDay and place a bid. Any and all feedback is welcome!