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Jun 14 / Dan DeFelippi

Jdrop Support Added To CSSess

In the spirit of Velocity Conference I’ve finally updated CSSess to support Jdrop. If you haven’t used Jdrop it’s a repository for JSON data. It was designed to make it easier to review mobile test data. You’ll be able to run CSSess on a mobile browser and save the results to review later.

I wrote the code a while ago but hadn’t tested it. In the process I also changed the path used to load CSSess. Instead of loading directly from the raw source on github it now uses github pages. It seems github changed the way it loaded raw files which sometimes caused issues loading the CSS file, resulting in everything loading unstyled.

I recommend updating the bookmarklet path in your bookmarks. Either delete your existing bookmark and replace it with the one found in the README or edit it, replacing the current URL with

github pages loads JS and CSS using the correct mime type which should help prevent loading issues. This also allows updates to the code base that won’t be reflected instantly in the bookmarklet, providing a better opportunity for testing before release.

Viewing Bug

Unfortunately there’s a bug that may prevent viewing your data on Jdrop. Since CSSess depends on jQuery it can only run after jQuery has loaded. The Jdrop view page attempts to load the data immediately. If jQuery is cached it may load. When I have the opportunity I’ll update the code to have a call buffer, similar to async Google Analytics works.