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Oct 20 / Dan DeFelippi

Webperf Contest 2010

Yesterday I stumbled upon Webperf Contest 2010. It’s a web performance optimization contest for those interested in speeding up the web. Entrants will be provided with with static assets from real websites with the goal of optimizing them to the max.

How will winners be selected?

When the contest ends, each participant’s url will be tested in multiple tools and ranked by theses categories :

  • Best YOTTAA score
  • Best onload & start render times
  • Smallest number of requests & total size

Measurements tools :

  • Yottaa
  • WPT paris location, DSL (1.5Mb/s, 50ms RTT)

This looks like it could be a lot of fun for us WPO geeks. There are some good prizes for the winners too, including an iPad and an iPod Touch. The contest starts on Oct 25 and runs through Nov 30.

Check out the website for full details.

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