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Aug 7 / Dan DeFelippi

How Fast Is Your Site? We’ll Tell You!

Everyone hates slow websites. With over 200 million websites just a few keystrokes away competition is extremely fierce. If your site is slow it’s very easy for your users to find another place to go. Often website owners don’t realize the impact this can have on their traffic or bottom line. They may not even realize the site is slow. If you don’t know where to start, performance optimization can seem intimidating. There’s a lot to learn, especially if you’re not a web developer.

This is where Razor Fast comes in. I’ll be publishing regular performance reports of popular websites. I’ll cover what their doing right and what needs improving. The reports will contain a detailed analysis of client-side performance with waterfall charts, header information, file compression details, and much more.

Does your site need a review? Do you know a popular site that is super fast or super slow? Leave a comment with URLs and ideas.


  1. Mike / Aug 8 2010

    Hi Dan, I loved your review of Pat’s website.

    Feel free to check mine out. Mine isn’t slow, but I’m always looking for improvement.

    • Dan DeFelippi / Aug 10 2010

      Hi Mike. I took a quick look at your site and saw you have WP Super Cache installed but it’s not working (view page source and look at the end). You’ll need to adjust your settings to get it working correctly. I also noticed that you have some of the same issues as Pat with multiple CSS & JS files. Replacing WP Super Cache with WP Total Cache and enabling minification as I described in the SPI post would improve your site’s speed too.

  2. tobstar / Aug 9 2011

    Hi Dan, i would like to take your offer to look over our sites. Thank you in advance.

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